Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Swimmer Swimmer, chicken dinner

So Mr. Dan was naughty today! He called "shenanigans!" 

I took Fleck out for fitness work and afterwards I grabbed Dan to go down to the lake and let him soak. Danny was pretty good getting to the lake and had fun playing. His lead rope apparently wasn't snapped properly because it suddenly came off! So Dan went out for a real swim. Doh! He came right back though and I was able to put his lead back on. So then he splashed around some more and then went for another swim. I let him go that time. ;)
 Danny's swim
 Then we were going to head back in and him and Fleck were both being butts so we ended up going the opposite direction and headed away from the trailers down the dam road. We got about halfway down and saw Missy and Marti in the woods. Danny decided to jump around a bit. So...I was about to go back in but decided to hang with Missy and Marty a bit. Danny was good but was trying to play with Zhar. 
So then we really decided to head in and he was all prancy. He reared up slightly two or three times and tried to break free, but didn't. We made it back to the trailer and then it was his turn. 

We did some more lunging and worked on "crouching tiger" again. He was good. We even got a few steps of canter. And no running off. Whooo hooo!!


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