Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trit trots... .solo!

I have the BEST BABY ever!! It's been....oh a week maybe since I have ridden Dan. Well, heck, a week since we've done anything more than groom. I've just been preoccupied with Fleck and AECs. But since it was such a gorgeous day and Fleck is shoeless... I HAD to ride! So Danny boy had to man up. :) 
I was short on time because of a staff meeting and a required nap, so I tacked him up and took him to the round pen. He lunged one circle at the walk each direction and then I just got on. He was great! We practiced walk on, turn right, turn left, and halt. And he was good. Aside from the usual chewing on the reins and trying to chew on my foot, he was good. So then I decided to try him out of the roundpen. I walked him up to the gate and pushed it open. He didn't care. :) (We're already practicing for our competitive trail). So out we went. He was really good. It was cute when we went up the hill and down the hill. Up was easier. Down was a little tricky learning how to balance Mom. So then we went back into the round pen and tried trotting. I left the gate open but we didn't bolt out. And he stopped well too. So then I got brave and took him out of the round pen and we trotted!! Wheeee!!! He's so much fun. He was great and stopped well and then we finished. :)

I love this kid. He really has such a good work ethic and such a good brain and he's just so pretty!. :)

Poor Flecky was jealous though. So they both got lots of love and cookies. 

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