Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 3 of boot camp

To continue the boot camp, Danny got to come to high point today with Fleck. Fleck was a goober! Danny stayed calmly in the trailer, chomping on hay. Meanwhile, Fleck was inverted, braced, hollow, neighing, and silly for his lesson. Sigh. Gracious. After I finished with Fleck I pulled Dan out and got him ready to go. We went up to the outdoor arena again and he was much calmer this time. I lunged him for a bit as he was definitely fresher than yesterday. There was a fair amount of squirting off. Once he settled down, I got on and Peri lunged us. He's definitely one sided already. Going to the right he's very much falling in on his shoulder and counter bent. But we worked on it a little. He did well. Very little head tossing and he was pretty darn good. I decided to trot and he wasn't too bad. Until...he started tossing his head. And then the goober tripped on his feet and fell to his knees!!! I stayed on and almost bailed, but he managed to get himself up. Poor guy. Jeesh... he's EXACTLY like Fleck! We managed to stay upright the rest of the time. Hee hee. After another few circles I told Peri to take us off the lunge line. He was definitely a little worse as he kept trying to go back to Fleck and would bulge out that right shoulder. But I was able to keep him trotting and get him turned and keep him going. So yay!! 

Definitely a success today! I think another handful of rides and I can call it quits for the next year. :)

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