Thursday, September 19, 2013


Since Dan was so naughty the day before, I decided he needed another go. I should have been smart and gotten help. But there really wasn't anyone available. So I groomed him, tacked him up, and took him to the round pen. I lunged him first. I'm not totally stupid. :) He was pretty good. He did do a little squirt into the canter and bolt once or twice but other than that he was good. So I went ahead and got on. He was great. Not once did he do anything naughty. And if I just closed my fingers on the reins, he stopped. No need to pull back even. :) :) Since he was being good, I opted to try for a trot. He was great. No issues. We even did a figure 8. I stayed in the round pen, but he was lovely. 

Good boy!!

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