Saturday, September 14, 2013

Going Solo

I got a little frustrated with not having a helper (though I realize there are plenty who would easily come help and have offered but my stupid schedule kept getting in the way) so I made the rash decision to get on Dan without a lunger. Honestly though, he and I have done it before and it didn't go horribly, so... why not?! I wasn't entirely dumb and made Mike come out and watch me. And I lunged him first. And I stayed in the round pen. So, see... not too bad. :) 

He lunged well and was listening and responding to voice commands quite nicely. So I tacked him and back into the round pen we went. He stool while I got on and off we went. He was a little fussy with his head but not bad. A little difficult to turn, but again, not bad. And MUCH better about walking on. There was no need to kick or use the crop. Once or twice I had to bump him rather than just squeeze, but he's getting it!!!! 

And no naughtyness. I'm so proud of him. And man, he's so fun! It's going to be really hard to take it slow and easy with him. 


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