Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Trouble!

So... this one was Mike's fault. He was helping me try to get my truck turned around because of the mud and left the chain link gate open to the back area where the feed room is. I had left the feed room door open because it was otherwise contained and it had gotten wet in there so I was hoping to air it out as best as possible. Well.. I fed ponies and went to the house. I noticed that I didn't see them but thought they were in their stalls. Then I noticed Fleck's head IN the window of the feed room. Danny does that, but not Fleck. I didn't think enough of it though...

I went down later to grab Fleck to ride and.... they were in the darn feed room. Luckily it appears it was mostly Dan making a mess. I'm now out a whole bag of grow right feed, a bag of chicken feed, three tupperware feed tubs, one feeds coop, and some MSM. Argh! But at least they appeared to not have eaten too much grain. I'm glad he likes playing so much!

Trouble! Trouble!!!

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