Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bored baby

Dan and I played today. It's been awhile because I had the flu for a week and that over lapped with my work schedule. I thought he'd be a little wild, but nope... he pretty much slept through todays work. ;) It was pretty warm out so perhaps he was just sleepy and drowsy. He stood while I groomed him and then I put the bridle on him again. It's not going to fit much longer. I'll have to move on to Fleck's bridle. He mouthed the bit a good bit but was back to chewing on the lead rope soon enough. We did a little bit of turning with the bit and he was good. Then we took the bridle off and put the surcingle and cavesson back on. Back to lunging we went. I basically just made sure he knew "walk on", "and trot", "and walk", and "whoa". He did great with going on straight lines too. Then I hooked up the long lines and got behind him and we did a bit more walking this time! Turning is still a bit of an issue, but he's making progress. 
Goofy boy.... I cannot wait until it's time to ride him!!

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