Friday, December 14, 2012

Wheee... I'm in for a wild ride!

So... Daniel went to school today.... He's soooo funny. He's such a good kid, but such a little "dennis the menace" too!. ;) You can just see him thinking.... "hmmm, what if I do this.....???"... "Muhauhuahua!!!". hee hee.. But he really is smart too!

Beth and I started to teach him about lunging so we can go to long lining. We put the micklem bridle on him. He fits perfectly in the horse size!!! He didn't care about the lunge line flapping all around him, tangling up in his feet, or flipping over his back. Go me! Then we introduced lunging. It was a little tricky without a round pen, but he was getting the hang of it. Only... he's already so one sided!!! I ma going to make a big effort to get on his right side more often! I can't believe how one sided he is.. and I feel like I haven't done much! But it's all good... I'm going to fix it. So yep.. he was pretty darn good. Beth started out saying that he was naughty and needed a "come to jesus" meeting. But by the end she was saying that he's going to be a GREAT eventer and had great gaits.. BUT..... she foresaw a good bit of ..... disagreements... in our future. Hee hee.. Yep, I have a feeling it's going to be a wild ride, but totally worth it! :)

Oh.... but you know... I really don't think he's going to be that bad. He hauled with Fleck to Ashland. Sat in the trailer while Fleck and I rode and didn't fuss. (Granted, he had Sunny in his trailer parked next to him, but still) and then walked away from Fleck (who was definitely fussing!) to the upper ring and stayed mostly focused on the job. Yep... I got myself a good one!

Oh my... he's getting so grown up!!! I'm so proud of my little boy!

Oh.... I can't believe I almost forgot!!! He really is a GOOD kid!! After "school" I unloaded them at home and he was standing right there next to the trailer..... conveniently lined up with it. So I climbed up on the wheel well and stood up there next to him. And lightly tossed a leg over him, while still standing on the wheel well with the other and hanging onto the trailer. He didn't react, so I casually eased my butt down on him but not putting full weight on him. No reaction..... :) So I ever so softly put all of my weight on him. He turned to look at me and I told him what a GREAT PONY he was... and got off! I did it twice! He didn't seem to mind, although I didn't give him much of a chance to do anything as I was quick. BUT... he also was completely free... no halter even! So... definitely a good boy!!! I cannot wait until I get to get on him for real!!

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  1. He is so big now...looks great. Always a battle at first with those Appies. Going to be a fun horse!