Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Super Smartie pants

So.... that boy is way too smart!!! His third time lunging and he's doing it better than Fleck ;) He went both directions and was good both ways. He has pretty much figured out "walk on", "And trot", "And walk" and when I square my shoulders at him, he stops and faces me. :) :) :) He's also getting the hang of staying out a bit farther on the circle. Sweet!!!! So I did just a few minutes of trotting, mostly working on the transitions and then quit. He was so good I decided to try a bit of long lining. I really have no idea what I'm doing, but... I put the lunge line through his halter so I had a line on each side and I stood behind him. He was good and just stood still. Then I said "walk on" and tapped him with the end of the lunge line. No kicking at me :) Bonus!!! And he took a few steps. Then turned and looked at me like "Um....????". Lots of praise and we did it two more times. Only a step or two each time, but... progress :)
Whoo hooo!!!

He's such a good little boy! I'm so excited about riding him!!!!

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