Thursday, November 29, 2012

Future Eventer for Sure!!!

So... poor Danaroo. He REALLY needs to be worked more. I MUST make it a priority!!! 

So... today I put them in the big pasture again and he was racing around and showing off. He was having a ball. I finally got the water trough in and was putting the hose on the new water spigot (yay!) and of course.. he had to come up and play. He then grabbed the electric fence with his teeth and pulled it! (It's not on... it's broken). So I yelled at him and went about my business. Then I left to put the hammer back and... Danny's chewing on the hose. So I chased him off and headed back to put the hammer away... and I look back and Dan is running laps again. Only this time he's bounding up and down the creek bed and bouncing around in and out of the trees!! Eeeks... Then.... I kid you not... He turns and jumps the electric fence .... three times!!! Just jumped right over it.. then did a little gallop circle, jumps back over it... then does a little lap, and jumps back over it again!!! Now, that fence comes up to just below my boobs!! He may have taken it over a sagging part the third time, but... jeesh!! And he cleared it.... With no effort... just hopped on over it. 

SWEET!!!!! I've got an eventer on my hands!!!!

So tomorrow we'll do some in hand work and I'll order my long lines!! Let the games begin!

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