Friday, December 14, 2012

Good thing he's sooooo smart!!!

So... I ran out of time yesterday to do any lunge/long line work. Bad Mommy... Today I fed and finished unloading the hay and apparently... I left the barn door open or almost open when I left. And I went to Aiken (I had to deliver Midget and her pal to their new homes.. so no Fleck or Dan with me). So.. it was about 7 hours before I got home... at least... When I got home I saw Fleck and Roany, but no Dan. Oh well... I had to change and then I was heading out to play. Well.. when I got out, they were all in the front field. BUT... the tack room door was open... Oh man..... This is what greeted me. MANNNNNN.......  He pooped about 5 times, flung my supplements everywhere, tipped over 3 bales of hay, ate some hay, ate the hay cubes, ate some beet pulp, ate some grain, ate some chicken food... ARGH..... Luckily the soaked hay cubes filled him up because there wasn't much grain missing. At this point I'm assuming it was Dan. Who was out front grazing happily with the other two.
So... I went and grabbed him and we headed to the barn. He came along quite happily.. not caring that the other two were still in the front field. Good pony!!! I groomed him quickly and then we went to work. He was SOOOOOO good!!! He seriously did awesome! We started with desensitizing to the lunge line. He didn't care. Then we did yielding to pressure. He was great. Then we did walking and we even got a big circle. And we even did awesome going to the right!! He was so good. Then we added in "and trot!" and he did... and he even started getting the hang of "Annnnnnndd walk..". :) What a smartie pants!!! So he got lots of cookies and then went back out to play while I rode Fleck. Once I turned him loose, he went galloping off to the front field and did a few laps. Hee hee.

He only got half his dinner but ate great, drank, and all three of them were happily munching hay an hour later, so... fingers crossed there is no side effects from his adventure.

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  1. oh man, my guys did that a few weeks ago too. Knocked over their grain then pooped all over it. Like really? I just bought that freakin bag!! Plus eating the beet pulp pellets...stressed me out. Friggin ponies.