Saturday, July 21, 2012

Naughty baby and redemption

Dan and Fleck and I trekked it over to another farm to trail ride with a friend again. And Danny was AWFUL!! Bad baby!!! He hauled great and stood tied to the trailer while we groomed and tacked up. And aside from untying Fleck, he was patient and good. UNTIL we got started......

Oh dear... I was about ready to kill him. He was just a cheeky little butt! Poor Fleck was trying to put him in his place too, but it was just bouncy baby. Finally once we hit the trails he settled down and went back to the normal only slightly bouncy baby I know. Phew.... I thought I was going to have to turn around and head home. So anyways, both boys were good and we enjoyed the rest of our trail ride again. We then got to the lake and took the ponies in. Fleck barged in much deeper than he normally does and Danny followed. He was in pretty deep, and definitely deeper than he had ever been. :) Not swimming, but he'll get there too!

So.. they both played and splashed in the water a bit and then... poor Dan. He tried to walk out. And I guess he didn't realize the mud would hold him back a bit... cause it was like the mud held onto his feet a bit longer and he didn't compensate for it. Then add in the fact that I had the lead rope too... he face planted!!! Right in the water. Hee hee... A few times actually. I couldn't help but laugh at him. Poor little guy...

So then we headed back home and he was an excellent baby and made up for his earlier antics. He stool patiently tied to the trailer when I tested Fleck out in the ring. Then I took him INTO the washrack and he let me hose him off with only minimal dancing. (Meanwhile Fleck was having a fit back at the trailer since Dan had left him!). Then he stood tied while I took Fleck into the barn to hose. I'm really glad he seems pretty cool with being alone. Not real attached to Fleck or Roany yet... at least away from home. Hope he stays like that :)

It was a good day!

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