Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well... I did name him HOT Dan ;)

He lived up to his name today. What a little spitfire! :)

Tonight we did some trotting in hand, which he was great at. Then I thought I'd go down the driveway to look for puddles. Of course there weren't any, but since the trailer was hitched, we practiced loading and unloading. He's not great about it when Fleck isn't with him, but... we got on and off three times without too much trouble. Then we decided to go down to the front field and jump over the cross rail. We got through the gate and Danny tried to take off! I don't know if it finally dawned on him that he was far away from the other guys or he just thought I was turning him out. So I reeled him in and then spent the next 10 minutes with him dancing on the end of the lead. Wild baby! But... he managed to stay with me and pay attention and we ended up going away farther, then coming back, then going away, and coming back. And we even jumped the cross rail once. I didn't want to push it. :) But he was so cute. He stops, looks at it... then sits back and jumps! Hee heee. So then we went back out and he started to speed up to get back to the big horses. So... of course, we had to turn and go farther up the driveway. But I tried to make it happy and let him graze. Then we headed back and I made him walk like a gentleman. (He definitely did NOT have the pokey walk he does on trails!). Then we rejoined the big ponies and I made him trot in hand again for a quick lap. And he was great. :)

So yep... I'm glad he's got some spirit to him. I like them a little rowdy. But I'm also very glad I'm starting young. While I can still reel him in and teach him how to behave like a big horse. He's very smart..... and a little bit ..... dennis the menace-y. :) But I love the fact that despite being upset that he left the big horses... he was able to focus and behave himself mostly. :)

So...tomorrow he gets to go on a trail ride to blow off some energy and fill his little brain :)

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