Sunday, October 6, 2019

Flat Tires and Good Friends

It's FINALLY Friday!!! This week has been rough. It's been such a hot crazy summer. I can't remember exactly but this is the 7th record breaking high day in a row... it's like.. the 90th day above 90 degrees this year.... it's just flippin' HOT!!! And, remember, our A/C went out on Saturday night, so I've been working all day long in this weather... then coming home to an 84 degree house. Which... doesn't sound as terrible as it could be as we keep the air set at 79/80 degrees anyways, but... there is a substantial difference between air cooled to 79 degrees and a stifling humid 84 degrees... And yesterday was like.. 96... today is the same. Ugh.. But it's FRIDAY!! So there's that. Unfortunately my lesson got cancelled because it's just too dang hot and everyone is worn out. But Kelli and I made plans to go ride in the morning anyways. Except... I got Dan in the trailer and pulled through my gate and realized I had a flat tire. Like FLAT tire... and.... actually, it looked like TWO flat tires??! Ugh!!! I was so annoyed. Luckily she was sweet enough to come get me and Dan so I just left the trailer and she picked me up at the road.

We did a dressage ride and Dan was pretty good. Nothing too terribly exciting but not bad. We did work on our trot half passes and again, I was reminded that I almost have to think haunches in first and then move the shoulder over too. Otherwise I think I just bend his neck too much and don't get a true bend. So then we went for a nice long hack. Dan was goofy. He was power walking the entire time and kept sproinging into a long sweeping trot. It was funny. But I tried to let him canter in the XC field and he cantered... he just didn't need to gallop. But he was still sproingy and bouncy. ;)

It was nice though, not to be rushed. Then I came home and got both tires off and to the tire place. Luckily only one had a nail and it was able to be patched. The other was fine. They couldn't find a hole, so it must have just been deflated some. So then I went and put air in all of them to make them all match and got gas. It was a long HOT day... but tomorrow... tomorrow is supposed to be LOVELY!!!

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