Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dressage and a quick hack

Power walking on our warm up..... kinda spooky ;)

Then a good dressage ride. Started out okay, but got way better. Did haunches in, shoulder in, half pass, leg yield, 10 meter circles and stretchy trot.. then went to the canter and did some regular canter trying to make it pretty. Then went to do counter canter... left lead works... right lead is so hard to hold now. ??? Then did some leg yield and half pass at the canter... on the right lead it is hard to half pass. he wants to swap. I know at one point during the counter canter attempt I shifted my weight hard, and he swapped up front, so.. I've got to find my balance. We managed it but it was sticky. He leg yields beautifully (or maybe not beautifully.. probably too flingy) on the right lead though. The left lead was pretty good all the way around.
Then did some more medium trots and ended medium trotting down centerline. :)


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