Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Beanie Lesson

Same stuff.... but helpful nonetheless

Danny is being weird.... Didn't want to finish his breakfast this am..... maybe it's the salt. He hasn't been eating all of his food the last food days. Hopefully NOT an ulcer....

Got to Ashland and they drove up to the top arena to work on the water system and Dan got all pysched out... then he was all weird out about the Xc field for some reason

But good ride.... a little sluggish but it's so hot and he's got a thick coat coming in..

Shoulder in.... too much neck bend, not enough angle.... got it. And if he gets sluggish take a hair of the bend away and go forward then inch back to the bend..  When we do Shoulder in to 10 meter circle to haunches in....  Come to the rail and straighen for one stride before the 10 meter circle... makes it cleaner for the judges.

leg yield... he must lead with his shoulder, otherwise he isn't crossing over behind.. and open the inside rein. Yes.. OPEN it! Cindy told me to do it too and it worked with her also. Despite my brain yelling at me to not do it... DO IT! And almost think more half pass but in the other direction... ie half pass away from the bend instead of half pass into the bend. He needs a bit of curve to his body. :)

And again... he must go forward in and out of his transitions, not UP and hesitate.

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