Saturday, March 9, 2019

Soggy day

Today was a soggy soggy day. We went for a little hack to warm up and did some hills and then we headed to the arena for a little dressage school. And yep.. our counter canter is still broken. But it's better when we do the half circle and go back to the rail. Our collected trot work was lovely today and our canter work (when we weren't doing counter canter) was quite nice. I'm still feeling the rein lameness though. Sigh.. I really wonder if it's not scar tissue from getting the front right hung in the hay net. Maybe it's always going to be there and I just need to work through it in the beginning. Sigh. It just doesn't make much sense that it's better on previcox?? Hmmm. But yep, we worked on getting the rounder topline and me keeping my hands even. We played a little with the trot half passes, and I think we got a few steps each way. We did the shoulder in on the quarter line, then half pass a few steps, then back to shoulder in, then a few steps of half pass, etc. Or at least we think we did. ;) And we had a nice cool down hack too. :) 

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