Sunday, October 22, 2017

It makes no sense.....

Today.. on our trail ride... we had a blue heron fly out from the corner of our eyes as well as a gunshot going off in the distance and startling a flock of birds out from the bush. These things caused Danny to jump, but only jump in place. Good baby!!! Seriously good baby! YET..... yesterday.... walking out into the fields and spying the downed trees was cause to spin, bolt, and retreat! I just don't get it.... 
I'm becoming MUCH spookier with him being on stall rest! And it's not because I mind the antics or am afraid of falling off and getting hurt. It's because I'm terrified he'll hurt himself and undo his rehab. It's very stressful!

But at least he was a good boy today. We even did our new trick that we haven't really worked on yet. ;) Ha ha!! There was a cute pink balloon all mashed up on the trail today. Dan saw it and looked at it and wanted to sniff it. Then of course he put it in his mouth. Luckily I was able to pull it out (from the saddle) before he ate it. So yay!! We did "Touch", "Pick Up" and "Give" all in one today. With no practice. :) ha ha.. But that was the plan for a future trick. And we kept the trails cleaner and hopefully saved an animal from choking or other ill fated fates.                              (You can see the heron over the lake)

We did get our hand walk in today in the dark although it did involve a few scoots. That was actually due to Fleck... he was all freaked out that Dan was leaving him and went to running in the round pen. Sigh... Luckily Danny didn't get too carried away. 


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