Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fitting the rehab rides in

So, turns out.... Riding for 40 minutes every day, plus hand walking for 20 minutes every day, plus doing stalls.... makes for very long days! And some days.. it just doesn't happen. But today, I was able to get home early enough to get it done. :) Mostly!

We headed to Ashland for our 40 minute walk ride and we took the creekside path, which was a nice change. It put us in the XC field at the end of our 40 minutes, which... is often the case. But I figured I could get off and walk him back for the 20 min hand walk part. We got 11 minutes in. :) But hey, that's better than no minutes.

He was a good boy today! No antics, even when the heron flew off in front of us again. :) 

It's so magical there... I'm so glad that I get to ride there!

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