Sunday, October 15, 2017

And still, more rehab rides

I'd say nothing exciting to write about, except... Danny still finds ways to make it exciting. ;) 

Sigh.... We managed to have a nice hack with Kelli with only a few mild popping ups/rears. But he settled after about 5-10 minutes, so at least now I feel like we can go with company which makes it a little less boring. :) And hopefully will occupy his brain more too.

Then today we had a nice ride until the very end. :) We started in the arena and did a tiny bit of dressage. He started doing the tongue thing so I tried to find a good note to end on and end. There's only so much serpentines and walk transitions we can both handle. And we're not allowed to do lateral work yet. So I was planning on hitting the woods anyways. Plus it got super hot and muggy this afternoon suddenly. Anyways, so we ended on a good note and then headed to the woods. We had a nice hack to the lake and Dan barged on it and acted like he was going to take a swim. Which.... was tempting, but... I had my saddle on and I was afraid if he got too deep with me on he would have to porpoise and that's probably not good for his butt. Regular swimming might be good, but... not porpoising. So I pulled him up and turned him around. We splashed a bit and then headed back home. He wanted to go into the XC field by the top so we did. I was letting him graze a little bit and we were both just relaxing enjoying the quietness. I had dropped my stirrups and was working on lengthening my leg and getting him to respond to my calves without feeling the need to lift my heel into him. So we were chilling and just resting for a minute. And then suddenly, he dropped a shoulder, spun, bolted, and bucked. Again, no stirrups and he was basically grazing on the buckle. Sigh.... I managed to stay on, mostly because it was a drunk Dan, and was able to turn him pretty tight. Unfortunately I ended up turning him towards the bench swing and the benches. I was afraid he was going to either get tangled in one or jump one, but luckily he stopped. I have no idea what spooked him, if anything. A big turkey vulture was flying around, so maybe that was it?? Argh.... Hopefully he didn't do any damage. Then we walked back a little on high alert but we stayed on all fours. :) 


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