Saturday, March 11, 2017

Danny's growing up!!!!

I was a bad girl today, but it was soooo worth it!!!!  I had so many things to do this weekend but... I couldn't help. There was a little local jumper show in Athens and I really felt like I wanted to do some course work. Our lesson was good but frustrating and I wanted to see if I could put it all together. I did put the big spurs on too and... Oh man!! What a difference. Beth was right! It's like the bigger bit. I rarely had to use them but because I was able to politely ask and get a response and not nag nag nag... or really did into him before I got a reaction... it was nice. I didn't mess up my position in an effort to get him in front of my leg. So yay!

So anyways... we got there and Dan was acting like an old school horse. Seriously... NO shenanigans!! Say what?! Sadly, I kind of miss them. :) He was great, even never having been there before. So we warmed up and then headed in to do two 2'6"/2'9" rounds.  Our first course was pretty good but not super smooth. He practically ran into the first fence because he was looking around the arena and outside of the arena... But then he settled and we had a pretty good round. Our next round was even smoother and lovely!!

Then we decided to do a 3' course. It was a bit impressive looking and it dawned on me that Dan has never jumped a full 3' course... maybe not even more than a few 3' fences... So I almost chickened out. But I figured I'd see how he jumped the first one or two and then if it wasn't working, I'd pull up and school the smaller schooling fences and be done. But I didn't need to. He was AMAZING!!!

While they were putting the fences back up, I jumped one bigger one just so he knew they were taller. He popped on over like it was nothing. So.. off we went. And he was brilliant!!! He got most of his changes even and then did quick simple ones when he didn't. And he jumped brilliantly!!! There was one fence that I just lost my energy for because I didn't ride the turn just right, so he was a little sluggish and we tipped the rail. But other than that he was perfect!! And that was my fault anyways. I'm so proud of him. It was so much fun. :)

Our first trip of 2'6/2'9

Dan's first 3' course!!!!

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