Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Awww, Baby horse is growing up!!

I'm such a proud momma.

Our first blind beginner novice course... at Paradise Farms. Awesome course, gallopy and fun.

dressage warm up too long, danny was lazy. Should have gotten him more in front of my leg. Fussy in the bridle... wondering about his teeth. 38.5, but...10th out of 24, so... not terrible.

Quick tack change for stadium. Wild man in warm up, only had time for 3 fences. Stadium was clean but a bit flat and strung out. Jumped up his neck a stride early over the 4th from home fence but he added and went clean. And I stayed politely out of his way for the last 3 fences.

another quick change and out for XC. Sat too long in warm up and then had to rush but he was awesome!!! Very rideable very game and looking for the fences. A little backed off the up bank but when I closed my leg he went zooming forward. Then trotted into the water though I think I probably could have cantered in. Although he got spooky or maybe it was just that he wanted to drink, but we had a little argument IN the water with him trying to stop and drink and play. Oops. Then out over the picnic table just fine...  There was a ditch about 8 strides in front of another fence but it wasn't flagged, so I opted to school it. We trotted and he did that sudden stop and peak but jumped from the almost but not quite standstill. :) yay! Then clocked around the rest of the course and was very brave and forward to the faux ditch. )

Overall, so impressed with his behavior today. Very mature and rideable. :) Minus the little bit of shenanigans in stadium, but honestly, It made me happy.

Ended up finishing on our dressage score in 6th place out of 24 riders!!!! Go baby horse go!

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