Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Good Lesson

Yay! Dan and I had a fun lesson today. :) I went in with a much better attitude and decided not to get frustrated with myself. We warmed up well and Cindy mentioned that Dan looked really good from the get go. :) I told her that I had adjusted him on Sunday. Hee hee. Yay! But we had a great ride.

We did some sitting trot and man... my core is weak!! So... lots of work to do. Then we did some canter from the walk. It was hard. And I wasn't being a good trainer... I was being an overprotective mom. I was allowing him to not do it properly cause he's a babbbby. So once I insisted and got him a little revved up and realizing what I was asking... and kept him round by keeping my inside hand down and at my hip, he did it! Yay Danimal!

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