Thursday, February 9, 2017

Aha jumping moment

So... I'm sure that I drive my trainers crazy with my questions and talking, but.. it's who I am! And it helps me. Because apparently I'm backwards girl. In all of the things. My life.... Ugh... 

So anyways... it was a fun lesson. I was originally going to ride with Kelly at Silverthorne but the rain messed the plan up because the arena's were too wet. But Beth had decided to come to Ashland so I was able to change my plan and Beth let me ride with her!Yay! It was a great lesson!

We started out okay but Dan was behind my leg. And ultimately that's the main problem. So... a few good whacks and he was in front again. But then I was half halting like crazy. Way too much. So I was shutting him down because in addition to half halting too much I was not putting my leg on. Sigh.. So then we sort of got it together. I got him in front of my leg and going and stopped half halting for no reason and.. we got better.

Then Beth had me do the big oxer. (It wasn't that big, but.. bigger than the others). And it was a big going 4. So the first time in we pooped over the in and then had to super man the out. We tried again and it was better, but... I felt a bit like he was taking a flyer and so I did that thing where I got left behind and then had to throw the reins at him. Beth was like "what was that?!". I started thinking and based on what we had talked about throughout the lesson, I decided that *I* was behind my leg. ha! But seriously. I was sitting too upright and behind the motion so that when we were slighltly long I got behind the motion and felt the need to catch up. And Dan had to basically pull me with him. Then that created a whiplash effect, creating me being too much on his neck. And it could have been contributing to my jumping up his neck, but that's probably another problem. 

So anyways... I think I'm screwy. I think that I perch in 3 point when I ride dressage and when I jump, I sit upright. Sigh.. it's probably a side effect of me taking things to the extreme when I was trying to sit up and use my upper body to half halt. So then... Beth told me to get in three point between the fences, or a few strides in front of the fence. And AHHHHHH it totally worked! I wasn't shutting him down, I was with him and was staying in the motion. And it became smooth!
So we did it a few times to let it sink in and yay! It was so much better. I'm so glad. Now if I can just continue to do it correctly, without over doing it and taking it to the extreme. 


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