Friday, September 23, 2016

So very good and so very bad

Danny is sooooo good when it counts. And so naughty sometimes. But it's all good. I like sass. :)

After my week in Acupuncture land I didn't have time to ride on Monday, so it was Tuesday for our lesson as our first ride back. He had been off since the Sunday before so.. 8 days. And had only been ridden twice each week the two weeks prior. So I expecting some cavorting. But he was great!

We had a good lesson and he was back to his normal self. I kind of lost our canter leads but I think it was more of a me thing. I really think my leg is more forward than it is. So... once I started thinking about putting my leg more forward, we got it. I was basically asking him to do the opposite of what I wanted. Sigh.. of course.

So then I got to ride Thursday with Kelli. We started on the flat and worked on fixing our leads. Poor guy. He was trying so hard to do it right.. .it was like he knew I wanted the correct lead but was so confused as to why I was asking for the opposite lead. Sigh.. But we got it. :)Or he got it. He really is a tryer and a smart kiddo.

After our flat work we went for a long hack. He was good for the first part and then we hit the sprinkler field. He stayed good.... up, but good. And thankfully the sprinklers were gone! Then we crossed the creek and I asked Kelli if she wanted to trot because he was getting more up. Well... he got naughty. We did okay for a bit but then we hit the moguls and on the first one he popped me so high out of the saddle I thought I was coming off so I had to halt him before the second one. Then he kept doing his little hoppy thing, hopping up into the air, but not quite rearing. So we trotted some more and he got wild and wanted to canter. So then we walked. And he went up in the air more like a rear, so I picked my whip up to pop him on top of his head. And I swear, he knows it's coming. He's bad anyways, but he knows it's coming. So he ducked his head and started spinning. Like legit reining horse spin!!! 6 times in 2 seconds it felt like. I just sat there like "what's happening/!?". hee hee. I was dizzy. So we carried on then. He was trying soooo hard to be good. He was seriously walking flat footed on a loopy rein and then he'd squeal and bounce up and down. Then go back to walking. So I told Kelli that he had to go have a little fun. He was trying and deserved to be able to get it out of his system. So we crossed the bridge and left them behind and I let him canter. We were still in our dressage saddle so we didn't gallop but we did a fast canter all down along the creek, up to the field, and then some more in the field. :) Then we cantered/galloped back through the field and then went to find Kelli. She wanted to have a little canter though the path by the creek too so we stayed behind her. He wasn't horrible, but he wasn't perfect. :) But we survived and then were able to mostly walk back to the barn. It's crazy how fit he is.... Fall is gonna be tough! :)

 So... then today, I had to take Fleck to a vet appointment. Third opinion.... just to see if there's something ANYTHING I can do to get him feeling better quicker. Which means that Danny has to be left alone. I was a little afraid. I mean... he stands quietly and happily in the trailer when I take Fleck off and go ride. And they aren't always even in the same field at home. So maybe he'd be fine. Fleck had already shown that he didn't mind the two times Dan and I went to ride. I had Mike stay and watch. They both got fed and then after I took Fleck to the trailer and groomed him. Dan looked out but didn't call out or anything. So then I loaded Fleck up and drove through and Dan poked his head out and whinnied but didn't seem like he was panicking. So Fleck and I left. I got to the Kroger and texted Mike and didn't hear anything. So after about 7 panicked minutes where I"m picturing Danny jumping out of his stall down and squashing Mike and breaking a leg.... Mike texts back "He's fine". Phew!! Then I was in Canton forever with Fleck so I checked back again and Mike sent me a picture of Dan in his stall, just chilling. Phew...

Huge relief to know that they can both stay home alone. It makes my life much easier for now. And it's good for them. So yep... sooo good when it counts. :)

 But then he had the zoomies after being in all day. ;)

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