Thursday, September 8, 2016

Epic Ride

Well that was an epic ride!! Apparently dan had to get all shenanigans in at once since we haven't been riding as much. We started off at the lake as we ran into judy. Dan decided to go for three seims, which meant my poor saddle was submerged again. Then we did hill work and he was lazy so I was thinking I could have gone bareback and saved my saddle. So then we hit the trails for a quick hack and to show him that the giant sprinklers weren't going to eat him. They were off when we set out. So we get to the field and he's suspicious but being brave and almost to the point of carrying bravely on. And we hear a noise. Yep...the sprinklers one field over went off. So then...knowing what was coming next I'm attempting to get dan moved far enough away but not alarm him...and we get a bit aways and that sprinkler comes on. He spins and bolts but my trusty (albeit soaked) saddle #countysaddlessavetheday keeps on board. So we have a fairly controlled canter romp to the woods, then jog to the xc field where I let him gallop (35.6 mph) and then we went to the arena to simmer down. Then...I get home and toss him in his stall. I've always put your snaps facing in but I guess with him jazzed up from the sprinklers I didn't. So he rubs his face and manages to get caught on the wall....
For being 5, he really really kept his cookies together today!

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