Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lesson with Cindy

Today we had another lesson with Cindy. I drove Peri and Sunny up with us. Danny looked little next to Sunny. ;) But not as little as I expected. ;) 

It was a good lesson. Nothing great or amazing, but a good lesson. He was a little more in front of my leg than usual and stayed that way. :) 

We were working on trot and canter circles, spiraling in and out. Going to the left it was okay. But going to the right he felt really crooked. It felt like he was haunches in. Cindy said that he wasn't really haunches in. He was falling in, but his haunches were in, but his feet were flinging to the outside. It was because he wasn't bending his ribcage and bending around my leg. So.... I had to fix it by riding shoulders in and getting bend. And then we tried haunches in on purpose to help. We finally got it but it was tough. 

Then we had the nicest stretchy trot. :) 


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