Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Morning quickie

 We had a nice relaxing trail ride, minus the bugs. :)  They weren't bad in the open but in the woods they were pretty ferocious.

I had to giggle at him though because we started our ride and headed straight to the lake. Since my saddle has been soaked at the Stephen clinic I had finally cleaned it after my lesson with Cindy. So what does Danny do... Marches straight into the water.... and keeps going! What?!?! It's morning! It's not even super hot yet. We haven't even worked. He marched in so deep that my saddle was halfway submerged and I had to pull my feet up to stay dry. Dingaling! So much for cleaning my saddle. ;)

 But it was a beautiful morning and the rest of our ride was lovely. :) We took it easy and just chilled but we had to do some trotting and cantering to stay away from the bugs anyways.


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  1. So pretty! I love early morning rides.