Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fitness Ride

 Today I rode with Kelli. She wanted to do some dressage and Danny and I wanted to not do dressage. ;) No reason why we couldn't have but I wasn't in the mood. I wanted to do a little bit of hills and hack and get our legs moving. So Kelli went and did her dressage while Dan and I went in the field to play. :)
We started with a 10 minute walk around the XC field. Then we did 5 minutes of trotting up and down the hills. Then we chilled for a minute. I decided to go ahead and canter so that we could do any shenanigans if needed before Kelli showed up. :) So we did two canter loops around the field and I let him have a little gallop. He didn't quite kick it up into an all out sprint but he got a bit fast at the end. We cooled down a bit and then went to play in the lake. We splashed a little bit but he was distracted by birds and.. stuff?!?! So we headed back to do some more trotting if Kelli wasn't ready. But it was hot! So we were sort of hoping she was ready. And she was, so then we went on a nice long walk hack. It was a good day.

The stick in the water was a little bit scary at first. :) Hee hee

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