Friday, June 24, 2016

 He's such a goof ball!! Today was fun. I wasn't as sore as I was expecting. :) Granted we had a few days off. ;) We met Kelli for a hack in the morning. Danny was a little bit bouncy but not too bad. Kelli asked if we wanted to take a lap around the XC field to burn off some steam before we started our trail ride since he was a little bouncy. Not one to turn down the opportunity for speed... we said Sure! 
He wasn't super amped up so we took a few leisurely canter laps around the field. I thought we were done so I headed back towards Kelli, who was standing by the tree line. Well, Dan decided he wanted to get moving a little more heading back to Arwyn, so I headed him off a bit and made him canter/gallop past her towards the lake. We did that and he kept up the pace a bit. Then we turned around and he picked up the pace again and ran back towards Arwyn again. Only this time we had a bit more of a gravitational pull. Despite me trying to steer him away we ended up going between the prelim and training roll tops. Which was a little scary considering that he was galloping towards them!!! Luckily he went through the gap of the two rather than over. ;) So then he was content to settle down and we were able to continue on with our trail ride.

It was fun. We had a nice long hack and then finished in the jump arena. I didn't jump as we had jumped Saturday and I knew I was having a lesson in two days with Kelly and then doing the Stephen clinic Sat and Sun. So we just played with some lateral work. We actually got a few little baby steps of shoulder in and haunches in both directions. Fun!

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