Friday, June 10, 2016

Cross Country Lesson Fun

We had a great lesson with Kelly today. Danny was so rowdy the day before that I took him off the red cell. :) And today he was a bit of a lazy bum. He's got two speeds.... intermediate eventer/racehorse and... lazy bum school horse. ;) Today we got lazy bum school horse. Although not really... He is happy to go along politely and he's got enough for beginner novice. It's just not as forward as I want. But it's better than being bolted with. ;) Maybe.... hee hee....

 Anyways... it was a fun lesson. We started off warming up and then Kelly asked what I wanted to work on. I told her that we tended to be fine with a few fences but as we started to do more we sometimes got a little carried away. So she said we would start with a course and just go right to it. She made me a course of about 12 fences. We started off with the three baby logs on the ground. Then we looped around to the 3 small coops and cabins, and then back around to the bigger rolltop on the hill, and then back down the 3 middle cabins. 

And he was just about perfect! I even did well with my "landing gear". Not perfect, but better.  So then she had us do a similar course but we did the bigger fences on the outside of the line. Maybe the "training" level fences??? He rapped one of them, but jumped the others quite nicely. We also jumped the dog house with the open holes in the bottom that is a little spooky. He jumped it before but only once or twice. And this time he just jumped over it without even blinking. 

We also came down to the bigger roll top and because it was on a slight angle, I didn't quite prepare him well. But he took care of me and just loped on over it. :)

So then we went to the banks and worked on my position. He was so good. He even got to the edge on a half stride at one point and just skipped in the air and loped on down. He's such a good kid. Then we went to the water and worked on coming down the banks. He was awesome. So we quit with that. 


Well, not quite. We were lessoning with Caroline and her awesome little guy. We used Dan as a lead over the ditches. And he was perfect. He just walked over like he's been doing it his whole life. Which he has.... ;) 
 So... hopefully we'll have a great outing on Sunday at the horse show. :) Tadpole 3 phase. If this goes well I think we'll try to find a BN 3 phase to go to soon. 

Here's videos!
Down bank to water
Good Save! Baby horse has a 5th leg 
Log to Down Bank to Water 
 More down banks
Up bank! 

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