Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting our rowdy on!

Back from Kansas! Danny and I had a good lesson with Cindy. He was quite a good boy.

Then today we snuck in a short quick hack. I knew I was running out of daylight so I just brushed off his back and threw on the tack. And off we went. He was great as we started off and relaxed and happy. We stopped at the lake to take pictures and stare at the deer. It was a big buck. And so there we were, staring at the lake... with the weird misty swirl on it... and suddenly Dan went straight up in the air! He actually knocked my helmet brim with his head. Dingbat. And then he came back down and was fine. I have no idea what spooked him.. or if anything spooked him. 
 So we carried on. And then we hit the trail and I could tell that he was itching to go. Good news is that I was too!
 So he behaved and kept it together around the creek and smaller path. And then as soon as we hit the uphill, he knew it was on! He leapt into a gallop, let out a few bucks first, and then... we were off!!! HOLY MOLY!!! We were FLYING!!! Like... super super fast! It was terrifying and exhilirating! His legs were flying. And he's getting athletic in it now. We were cruising. And then he opened up another notch. Zoooommm! It was a little scary going around those turns.  

I managed to get him back before we hit the downhill, although he did attempt to buck once or twice going downhill. We were both itching to go again so I told him if he behaved the way around, we could go again. And he did! We walked and trotted politely around to the bottom of the hill again, and... again we were off! I kept him a little bit contained as it was getting dark.... but we still hit 26 mph. (It didn't measure the first time, but I swear we must have hit 40 mph!). Wheeeeee....

 Then we walked politely back the rest of the way. :)  I love this kid!
And.. I did NOT give him the redcell tonight. ;) 


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