Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I ended up not riding Dan on Tuesday because I had to cancel my lesson so I could get Fleck seen. And then I ran out of time to ride Dan. Luckily I scheduled some time to ride this morning, even though it was a bit rushed.

We started with a short little hack out in the fields and then headed to the arena to do some dressage. I was tempted to jump but wasn't sure Kelli was going to be able to join me and didn't want to get in trouble for jumping alone. Plus, since we skipped our dressage lesson I figured we probably should be good. :)

Turns out, he was good! We actually had a fairly nice ride. Our connection wasn't consistent but we had good moments. Especially when I focused on keeping my end of the connection steady. AND... we kept our right lead counter canter every time!!! Even to the centerline and back. I had to really focus on keeping that outside rein and keeping my outside leg back, but we did it. We also had some nice leg yields. I couldn't remember any of the tests, so I rode my own test. I think it was a combination of training and prelim tests and they wouldn't have scored well at the prelim level, but we did it. :) It included a 10 meter figure 8 at x, leg yields both directions center line to the rail (Big arena so a bit easier), a canter lengthen, and our counter canters. Good pony!

Since he was so good we only flatted for about 25 minutes, but that was not including our warm up hack too. At that point Kelli arrived, so we went for another cooling out hack and then I had to go to work. 

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