Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stadium with Beth

Dannys jump lesson

better course

Getting it!

I had a great lesson with Beth! We discussed what we needed to work on and she decided to put placing poles out so that Dan would start to get the hang of where he was supposed to take off. My job was to get him in a nice energetic but rocked back canter that was slow and maintain the rhythm and get him TO the placing pole. :) 

When I rode TO the placing pole, and kept my canter, as opposed to just keeping the canter, we had a most lovely ride. Of course once she pulled the camera out, it started to fall apart. Sigh. ;) Of course. 

But really, it was a very helpful lesson. We both got something out of it and I think that I am getting better at riding my big boy horse now instead of just letting him lope around on the buckle like he's still 3. 


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