Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Preventing an epic maniacal spree of some sort

So let's just say that I've spent the majority of this week either fighting back tears or in tears. I'm sure some of it is just sheer exhaustion. Some of it is PMS. But some of it is just the fact that I'm busy and have been going non-stop for weeks now, am stressed about learning stuff for acupuncture school (and in fact, I SHOULD be studying right this second instead but... ), stressed about the barn and money, stressed about Mike having to pay for all my fun stuff and not any of his fun stuff, stressed about everything... And I haven't been able to ride. And Fleck is broken. So.. yeah, add all that up and I'm just... gonna go on some sort of maniacal spree - killing... shopping.... singing.... I don't know.

I haven't had a weekend off in awhile because last weekend was acupuncture school. Then this weekend I have to work. I had to see two today and then tomorrow is a very full day so I definitely won't have time to ride tomorrow. Last night I didn't have time to ride. So I was really looking forward to riding today. And last night, I walked a sound happy Dan down to the pasture. I turned a sound happy Dan out. And then I went to the house, let the dogs out, and came back to the pasture to fill the water bucket. And Dan was almost 3 legged lame. In about 3 minutes time. What?!?! I walk up to him and turns out he has stepped on himself, cut his heel bulb and sprung his shoe half off. Still, why is he that lame?? Oh, because he has also twisted it enough that the clip is now embedded in his lamina. Ugh... I panicked and texted Freddie because his shoe was not coming off. And then of course, as soon as I sent him the text, I got it off. I soaked him in iodine and called it a day. Once the shoe was off and out of his sole, he felt much better and was much sounder. :)

Freddie texted back and said he could swing by 7 pm Saturday. Which... awesome, because that's less than 24 hours later, but... man..... that means I can't ride Sat. And I can't ride Sunday. So... yep, I'm a sad panda.

So anyways... Saturday I have to go to Elisa's to adjust Johnny. That's almost a 2 hour drive, but it's all good because Johnny and her and short-listed for the Olympics and need to be adjusted before the vetting next week. And it still gave me time to ride, assuming I had a horse to ride. Well, I had also scheduled another girl right after because in my multi-tasking process, I thought she said she was 30 minutes from Elisa. Turns out, not so much. She was over an hour away. And 2 hours away from home. Sigh.... But whatever, I didn't have a horse to ride anyways. Sigh... So I spent that hour driving crying, feeling sorry for myself. I found myself saying... God, can you just throw me a bone?! Please!

And then... I got a text from Freddie saying that he was 35 minutes away because someone had cancelled. Only I was still 1.5 hours from home. Luckily, I have the best husband ever and he went and got Dan and held him for me. So when I got home at 4:30, I had a horse with a shoe and time to go ride. I ended up taking Fleck too because why not?! Walking in the field won't hurt him and I desperately needed it.

So I had a great ride on both boys, just enjoying their company and the beautiful farm. I was so grateful that God allowed me to do that and for my husband who saw how close to the end of my rope that I was and told me to go ride instead of doing farm chores.

Of course as I loaded them up and was leaving, I shut the escape door and the window fell down and landed on my head. So yep... cried again. It left a lump but luckily no blood. Sigh.... At least I got to ride my ponies!

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