Monday, December 1, 2014

Thank goodness!!! Danaroo feels better!

Great news!! Fleck and I came home from Pine Top to a very sound and VERY Spunky Danny! There was a giant hole in his coronary band where he had blown the abscess out. So phew!! So glad that's all it was. He was very glad that it blew too. 
Danny feels BETTER!!! 
So today he got to go to Ashland for a ride to prep for tomorrow. :) He was a good boy but a little fussy. I think I may have gotten a bit heavy in the rein connection, but I was trying to work on getting a connection. Sigh. I hope I do right by him. We worked on our leg yields and he wasn't too bad even at the trot. We worked on the right lead canter again too and poor guy. He really was trying the other day. It took a few tries but he got it again today. I learned a very important lesson today on him though. He's really bad about bulging out that right rib cage. Especially coming down the long side. I was getting frustrated because when he's bent against me, it makes it very hard to get him to pick up his right lead. Well.... turns out... he's bulding against my right leg because I have NO RIGHT SEAT BONE! Argh... Once I sat down on my right seat bone, he bent around my right leg and was so much better. Yay!!! Poor kid... He's not even really trained and yet here he is, already responding to my seat aids. 

The pressure is on! Now I really need to learn how to ride. 
So then we went for a trail ride because he worked hard. It was such a beautiful day too. I wanted to let him play in the lake. So off we went and he was great. We had to chase the geese away but he got to play in the lake and splashed. Then on the way home I let him canter up the hill on "Four Terraces". And oh my.... that canter!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that canter!!! It took a little bit to get him back down to the trot, but... I wasn't trying too hard. :) He actually comes down to the trot better when I start posting than when I use the reins. 

Love this kid!!! Tomorrow should be a fun day too. I'm hauling both boys to the mountains to trail ride with Lisa. She'll ride Fleck and I'll ride Dan. :) 

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