Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dressage saddle?

I went for a quick ride on Dan because I had a horrible headache and thought I might puke. But I really really wanted to ride him. I had borrowed a dressage saddle from a friend to see if it would work for him. And it's nice! Really nice. Dan and I had a good ride. But he was so fussy in the bridle. However, I figured out that I was tightening up on the reins a lot because he was being so fussy, which was making him fussy. Sigh. So I lengthened them and he was much more solid. I still tried for a connection, but it was on a longer rein. That seemed to make him happy. :) We didn't do too much and then we just went for a quick little hack after. But it was good to be on him.

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