Friday, October 17, 2014

Windy day = not that bad of a baby

So... Dan has had quite a few days off. We've been taking it easy this summer with him, while focusing on Fleck.  Besides, he's 3. No rush! So he's just been chilling. However, that's boring for him!! He wants to play! So I've been trying to get him out and about, but it's been hard with work and such.
I finally had some time to take both boys out and lo and behold, it's a cold windy day. Well, cold and windy compared to what it has been! But still fairly brisk out. Poor Peri agreed to meet me and since Fleck and I needed to do some ring work and she wanted to trail ride, and I wanted to do some trails with company with Dan, I decided to take him out. Poor Peri. :) Luckily, her truck wouldn't start so I was able to get Dan tacked up and give him a quick little ride in the ring before she got there. Danny was actually pretty darn good!! For as icky as it was and as much time off as he'd had, he was good. Sure, he was forward and he put in a few little bucks and spins. But he really wasn't bad at all. And after a 15 minute walk and trot in the ring, I felt confident enough to let him have a little canter both ways. He picked up both leads on the first try!!! So after that, he was settled and we were ready to go grab Peri.
Lately we've been riding by ourselves because... that's just how it's worked out. He's gotten really good by himself. However, it seems like he's naughtier when we go with other people because he wants to play with them. So I was glad for the chance to ride with Peri. I didn't need to worry though as he was great! He didn't get mad being in the back and he was still good in the front. In fact, at one point, something spooked them and they both simultaneously dropped a shoulder and ducked. But then they both stood still and then walked off like nothing happened. It was great. He's such a cool cucumber. :) We had a lovely ride and he was great!

Such a smart cookie! And of course, he stood on the trailer like a champ while I rode Fleck. He's like "trailer?! I thought this was my home... it has hay. I'm happy!". :)

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