Saturday, August 10, 2013

Such a punk....but a cute sneaky smart sweet punk

Danny cracks me up. He's such a sweet little kid. Today I went out to check Fleck and see if his foot was sore (poo.. the answer is yes) and Danny was messing with the paints next door. He's already bigger than them. Way bigger!! Of course they are quarter horses, so that's not shocking. He was chewing on them and mutual grooming and playing over the fence. Argh.. that's probably how Fleck hurt his leg. Darned barbed wire... Anyways, since Fleck was sore I decided to mess with Dan. I put him in his new navy rope halter (yay!) and we did some lunging. He was pretty darn good despite Emma chasing after him some. He was pretty perky tonight and was trotting and cantering. Getting him to break down to the walk and keep going was hard though. He was good at going from the trot into the halt and even spinning in to look at me. :) He remembers his lessons from prior. :) 

So then we did some trotting in hand stuff and he was spunky! He kept trotting ahead and cantering. And at one point.. hee hee... Little turd... I made him work because he got too carried away and then I asked him to come back down and he spun around and half-reared and shook his hoof at me but respectfully far enough away and then looked at me like "oh... am I in trouble or does she have a sense of humor too". Hee hee... It was funny... I had to get mad because... you know, but it was cute!! But then... we had a very lovely ENTIRE trot triangle!! Whooo hooo!! And you know what else is kinda funny? He is still trying to chew on his lead rope, so it makes for a very pretty neck and trot! Hee hee...

I love this kid... He's just such a goof.

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