Thursday, August 29, 2013

FEH show recap

Well, Danny was MUCH  better behaved this year! :) He gets a gold star sticker for that! Though he still was naughty. Hee hee..

It all started the night before with a bath. I don't really have a wash rack so I just hold him and hose him at the same time. He was being a punk. He kept spinning around and I was trying very hard to be patient. At one point, he started walking away from me to go into the glower bed. That's when I had enough and I slapped him with the end of the lead rope on the butt. Probably not my smartest move, as I had hooves flashing dangerously close to my head. I yelled at him and tugged on his head and... the poor kid spun, slid in the wet grass, and went down flat on his side with a "whooomp!!". I think he knocked the wind out of himself because he sat for a second, then took a deep breath, and then got up. Well... that's what happens when you kick at Mommy's face! After that Mike came out and hosed him while I held him and he stood like a gentleman. So he was all sparkly clean. I fed them and stayed up late to clean his bridle. At about 12:30, just as I was getting to bed, I heard thunder and saw lightning. And then the rain started. It POURED!!! Great... there goes all my hard work.

But surprise, surprise! Danny was actually super clean in the morning! Either they stayed out of the rain or he never laid down or both. Yay!!! I got them fed and then grabbed him to go braid him. Doh... NOW he was dirty! He had slung grain soup over his whole blanket.. on both sides!! Argh! I was able to sponge him off though and it looked pretty good after that. I tied him up to the trailer to braid him. Yep... his mane is still way too long and way too thick. The braids looked pretty bad but weren't horrible. He was good but a typical two year old and wanting to play a lot. He kept chewing on my trailer door. We got sprinkled on a few times too during the braiding session. Argh. Luckily he loaded right up... but I couldn't shut the trailer door. What on earth?? What did he do??? Somehow he chewed on the handle enough to make it so that I couldn't keep it shut. Argh. I was able to lock it from the inside and it stayed shut, but that meant I couldn't go in and out of that door. oh well. I'll deal with it later. We picked up May and she loaded right up and her and Dan hauled quite nicely.

When we got to Cedar Ridge they were ready for us. Uh oh! We rushed and got them bridled and numbered and walked them down to the barn area. And waited... and waited! Argh.. I could have spent 10 minuts brushing him and picking out his feet and polishing his hooves. Oh well. We all milled around in their parking lot and I practiced trotting Danny. He was great. It was fun seeing all the other babies and it was nice to hear all the nice comments about how pretty Dan was and how tall! And Beth made my day. Someone said how nice looking Danny was and she said "You should see him move"! I asked "Who, Mighty?" and she said "No... Danny"!  Yay!!!

Finally it was our turn to go. Danny stood very well for his conformation evaluation. No fussing really and he didn't eat the reins too badly. Then we started off on the triangle. He was a bit goofy at first but did pretty well. Then our trot was a bit more exciting. He kept starting off at the canter but then settled into a trot. Finally, down the final third of the triangle, we got a decent trot going. Yay. He behaved himself while we waited and then they called us all back in at once. I'm not sure what the delay was for, but we circled at the walk about 5 times. Danny had had enough by this time. He was dancing and carrying on. Nothing horrible, but fussy. Carolyn Cadier must have remembered us from last year because she whispered as we passed "if he's acting up feel free to leave so you don't get the others riled up". ha.. That was her polite way of kicking us out Dan. So I pulled him up into the corner of shame and made him stand. He stood well, so I tried again. And again he was fussy and silly. I think I tried about three times. The last time he saw himself in the mirror and stood and stared! He puffed up and posed and was enamored! It took me about 5 minutes to get him to move.

And then they finally called out the scores. Danny did fairly well. We placed 4th out of the 6 horses. Not too bad! He scored an 8 for type with the comment of "Athletic". Yay! Good pony! I hung his ribbon on his bridle and the goober kept eating it! Ha ha..

It was a good day!
Here are the naughty pictures! These might be my favorites of them all too!

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