Sunday, July 14, 2013

He's getting it!

So... I got motivated to hop on Dan again tonight. Bareback again, but still with a helmet. :) I got on and he didn't care. He just stood there... and stood there... and stood there. I tried "walk on". I tried squeezing. I tried kicking. I tried turning him to get his feet moving. I tried clucking and smooching. I tried whacking his hiney. Nothing. Sigh... So I got off and took him down to the round pen and reinstalled "walk on". He was fine. So then I got back on, with my dressage whip. And "walk on". Nothing. So he got a little tap from the whip on his behind. No reaction. So he got a bit more of a whack. Forward... instant praise!! It only took about two more times with the whip encouraging him until he got it. Then it was a little bit of leg and "walk on" and he was moving!! YAY!!! I think I over did the sacking out so he didn't realize that my squeezes meant anything. But the whip was something he knew from long lining so he understood it. And then he quickly picked up that leg meant to go forward. He's a smarty. I'm sure I'll still have to encourage forward for a bit. And then I'm pretty sure I'll have to HANG ON FOR THE RIDE!! Hee hee..

Such a good baby!

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