Friday, July 26, 2013

Another hack in the woods

Danaroo is a good kid. I took him for another trip to Ashland by himself for some long lining. He loaded right up and was good. We did about 1.8 miles in 45 minutes. He was a bit meandery through the fields, as he kept trying to eat grass. But he was walking forward mostly, so... I let him. Then we went up the trail in the woods with the hill towards the dogs. The dogs scared him so I had to lead him past them but he settled down after. We did a good bit of trotting, and some unintentional cantering. :) Then we stopped at the lake and he splashed around a bit and we headed back in. I made him go between the two lakes and this time he went right on through. Although we came from it backwards instead of the way he usually balks.

A fun night! As we were leaving, Judy and Cash were leaving too. She left first and then Dan got all sad that he was alone. He got a little "high" but wasn't bad. And was a little naughty loading up but we managed to get it done without too much drama.

He's such a good kid. I'm having so much fun with him. 

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