Friday, September 14, 2012

Splish Splash....

We had another fun trail ride! Dan behaved himself very well. We went with Arwyn and Kelli. We did about an hour of trails and Dan was pretty good. Fleck only had to get after him a few times. Then we went to the cross country field and hung out in the water while Kelli and Arwyn played. Dan was good about getting in and out and going up the bank. Going down the bank was a little tougher. He stopped and planted and said "nope" at first, but then after some careful consideration and some prompting by me... he said okay. It was so cute.. he hunkered down like he was going to launch.. and then calmly walked off the edge. Hee hee.. He got lots of praise and was so proud of himself. Then Kelli let me hop on Arwyn and both boys behaved themselves while Kelli held them. Dan just grazed and didn't pull away or get too nosy. And I had a blast on Arwyn. Then we went back to the trailer and Kelli took off her saddle for a swim. I left Fleck's saddle on... just in case Dan decided to try to pull me off!

The boys had a blast in the water. Dan is learning how to splash and play and seems very comfy in there. We then headed home and rinsed off. Dan loaded right back up and hauled great.

It was a most fun day!

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