Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brain Surgery!

So.... I was awfully worried about Danny and his castration. He only had one descended testicle and he didn't wake up well from his anesthesia the last time. Now granted, he had two testicles at one point... and Dewey did the same thing but once he was sedated, it popped back down. So... I was highly optimistic that he would do the same. And I was hoping that because it would be a quicker surgery, he'd wake up well. But I figured I'd play it safe and do it at UGA. That way if he didn't drop the second one... he could go straight to surgery and would only have to wake up once.

I dropped him off Monday morning and he was scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning. I came home with the empty trailer and Fleck about had a fit. He was soooo mad at me! He came screaming down the driveway following the trailer. Then realized it was empty, neighed, looked at me, at the trailer, back at me, the trailer, back at me. It was so sad! He was like "what did you do?" "Where is he!??". Poor guy.

And I should have been more worried, but I just knew in my heart he was going to be fine. For better or worse I think Dan and I are meant to be in it for the long haul. At least I hope so. Most of the time anyways ;) Just kidding...

So Tuesday Fleck and I had our dressage lesson so I decided to take Fleck to UGA with me and watch Dan's surgery, then we could go lesson and then hopefully take Dan back home with us. And that's what we did!

Dan did GREAT!!! It couldn't have gone any better. He went down smoothly an Dr. Mueller was able to pop testicle number 2 right up there. The gelding was routine and quick. He woke up perfectly. He waved his head around a bit and laid back down. Then he got himself sternal and stood there for a good bit. Then one good heave and he was upright. Yay!!!! After about ten minutes we noticed he had found the anesthesia hose and was flinging it around the room!! Ha ha.. That's my Dan... now back to your room!

So Fleck and I went and had a good lesson and came back and got the little rug rat. Him and Fleck were so happy to be reunited. Dan did well afterwards and seems to be suffering no ill effects. I'm hoping the lack of testosterone will improve things.

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