Saturday, June 30, 2012

Water water everywhere

More baby torture today.... :)

We had another "lesson" with Auntie Beth. We hauled to Peri's house and he hauled all by himself. Loaded right up and hauled great. Although I will admit to hearing little sad baby neighs the whole way there.
Once we got to Peri's, we did the in hand work. Danny is smart and remembered it and we had a decent trot triangle. I just have to remember to trot faster! We also worked on the basics of lunging. The very basics! Then Peri set up the sprinkler in the middle of her ring. It's the type that sprinkles out in a circle. So... Dan had to look at that for a bit. He was really good about going through it and letting it hit him. But then, it came up from behind and kinda scared him. Oops!!! He pretty much ran Auntie Beth over. So... we had to go back to respect and in hand stuff. Which is a lot harder to concentrate on when you have scary sprinklers coming at you. But he got it.

So then we headed home and Danny rested up. Later that afternoon it was awfully hot, so I turned the hose on and... Poor Daniel got more water torture. But he actually seemed to enjoy it. :) Not quite as much as Fleck, but he was getting it.

So... we're making progress. I'm really hoping that by the time we get to the FEH show, he'll be used to going to new places and won't be quite so amped up. But amped up enough to show off his pretty self. :)

Looking forward to it.... It's not too far away!

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