Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More trail fun

So..... since that's mostly what we've been doing... as it's really all we can do.... More trail adventures :)

Today we went to the horse park with Christina, Sham and May, and Kelli and Arwyn. The boys were a bit full of themselves starting out... perhaps they were trying to impress the ladies?!?  But not horrible at all.
And best of all... Fleck was FORWARD and only just barely lame :) YAY!!! Made my day.
But anyways... Daniel loaded up first by himself with no coaxing required. There was a big QH show at the horse park so there was much commotion and he didn't mind. He called out to the other horses a fair amount, but was calm and chill. He also crossed the "creek" well too. I say "Creek" because it was more of a mud puddle, but still. Success.

So after our ride he went to the cross ties and got a bath and flirted with May and Arwyn over the bar. I say flirted, but I don't think he's quite there yet. More of a "hey lets be friends" type thing. At least I think! He also didn't mind when the giant tractor carrying a HUGE stack of shavings drove by. He's gonna be bombproof hard core!

Later on we worked in hand some and then I wrapped his leg. Poor kiddo... I guess maybe 5 days ago he came in with a cut and a hugely swollen leg. Sigh.. of course, the same damn leg. He's been on SMZs, but it's still quite poofy, though no longer hot. So.. tonight I dmso/nitrofurazone sweated it. He's not thrilled about his wrap, but he behaved.

Tomorrow we have another "lesson". I'm hoping the activity will help decrease some of the swelling too. At least he's happy and sound and otherwise normal. I'm guessing it's just cellulitis, but darn these spotted boys and their sensitive legs!

OH, and did I mention the other day he wore a bridle for a few minutes? nom nom nom....

More fun tomorrow!

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