Saturday, October 6, 2018

Where is my brain???

Jump lesson with Beth...

Ugh... couldn't get it together...

my brain won't function. Felt sluggish...  need to ride shoulder fore to the fence.. keep him round but forward....and make the turn.... for some reason I was doing shoulder fore left, but trying to turn right.  But we got it.

Beth said that I was very frustrating sometimes because I was capable and talented if i would JUST RIDE! so yeah..sometimes.. I think I forgot about actually feeling and riding instead of just trying to do what they say and forgetting to do all the other things they've said.

So yeah... not a great lesson in the sense that it was ugly and not fun. But ag ood lesson in that we accomplished stuff. And I need to remember to ride my horse!! and not panic when he gets in tight and heaves over a fence. Just fix it before hand so that I don't get that puke ride.

Also... my homework ... when I'm home and jumping... take a few times to jump small fences... on the buckle!! Drop the contact (NOT THE REINS) 4 strides out so Danny learns how to jump on his own ;)

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