Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pony Club Show

What a fun day!! Hilltoppers Pony Club always puts on a good show! And they didn't disappoint. It was hotter than heck though. And of course I gave myself a headache. But Danny was super. Especially considering how hard he had to work! 

We did two first level tests. And he was super. We scored a 68 and change in both!! Which still put us in 2nd place I think in both. Taylor and Leah beat us. But I was pleased with my rides. There are definitely things I need to fix though and things to work on. 
First Level Test 2

First Level Test 3

After I finished my 1-3 test, they had asked me to do the Dressage Equitation class so there were more competitors. There was only 2 other adults, so they wanted to make it a bigger class. So I said sure, why not?! It would actually be good for Dan. So I stayed on and we ended up riding in the arena with the juniors too. We spent a good 10 minutes all circling the arena while they figured out some logistics and then they split the class into 3 sections. So we hung out in the shade and waited our turn. And it turns out that there were more than just 2 others in the adult class. I think there was 6 of us total... Me, Jenny, Courtney, Caidy, Logan's mom, and... maybe one other person... So we had to go around the arena together and I kept practically running over Caidy on the halflinger. Hee hee. We walked, trotted, sat the trot, and then cantered. We did trot lengthens across the diagonal one at a time. So we finished and... I won! Ha ha. What?!?! Dressage Equitation?!? Ha ha... Cindy would be so proud. Jenny made me laugh cause she was being all competitive (jokingly) and said it was flashbacks to her and Cazzie and me and Roany. Hee hee. But it was a fun thing to do. 

So then I untacked him and got a quick drink and then we had to hurry up and get tacked back up in our jump gear for the prix caprilli. Only it turns out that we didn't have to rush as much so poor Dan just hung out in the shade with me on him for another 30 minutes or so before our turn. At this point we were both pretty tired and I was brewing a migraine so we did minimal warm up. And then in we went. It was actually not too shabby of a test considering. We survived at least. :) I don't even know how we placed. I know Logan and his momma won. They made it look so smooth and beautiful! We were NOT smooth and beautiful, but we weren't bad. :) It was fun. 
Prix Caprilli

Once I finished I pulled tack off and me and Kelli and Fiona went bareback to the lake to let our super stars cool off and relax. Yay! So much fun. 

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