Sunday, May 14, 2017

Work that bootie!

So.... On Thursday Dan went to the vet for a check up. And basically he's fine, he's sound, he's fit.... But his butt is a little weak looking. So they suggested hills, cavaletti's, etc. I really think it's more of the fact that he's an awkward teenager who needs to eat 5 cheeseburgers a day and he's so athletic that he's not really using his hind end yet.... BUT... me and the brain trust had already discussed that it was now time to teach him how to use that butt and sit more and build up the hind end. So... now it begins. :) Although in our defense, we have been doing hills and fitness work. I did add in some ultrabloom to see if that will help. And I have an email into Beth about his nutrition, so... perhaps he needs a bit of help.

But anyways, so today we did just that. We went for a hack and decided to do some dressage in the cross country field rather than in the arena. And I'm so glad we did because it was fun and Dan was great!! And I think it'll help his butt. :) We did transitions and leg yields and counter canters and 10 meter trot circles. He felt lovely too. And it was such a pretty day to be out in the field. 

We then went for a nice hack. Danny was a goober and wanted to graze more than walk, so we did a bit of both. 

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