Sunday, May 21, 2017

We tried.....


This week has left me exhausted. Like...need a nap, zombie mode, prop my eyeballs open with toothpicks exhausted. I'm hoping it's just the sudden onset of heat and humidity. We've been pretty lucky with the weather lately. Anyways... I could have ridden Monday and Friday evening as I got home early enough. But I wimped out both times because I was so tired. I knew I would regret it on Friday for sure.... and sure enough... 

Saturday I was going to volunteer at the horse park as a scribe and should have been done by 1 ish. But that show was cancelled so I ended up volunteering as ring steward at Chatt Hills with Peri. She told them we could only stay til 2. Well, they were done at 3, so I figured we might as well stay the last little bit rather than trying to get someone else to figure out the job for the last few riders. And then we stayed and chatted a hair and then we drove down to take a peek at the XC course.... and then headed home. 

I checked the weather because it was supposed to storm and it looked like we might be okay but I was probably being optimistic. I wanted to hit the trails at the horse park, so... we headed out. 

We got to the horse park and it was dark... but not terrible. I pulled him off the trailer and put my boots on and brushed him off. And then... it was much darker. And then the wind picked up. And then all the bikers started heading in. So then Dan got all up on his toes. I decided to put him back on the trailer and then wait and see what happened. About 30 seconds after I put him back on, the rain started. It was just sprinkles and then... 30 seconds later it was sideways wind!!!! Sigh.. so we headed home. 

As we started towards home I noticed it was clearer towards Ashland so we took a little pit stop and pulled into Ashland to see if it would clear up. We sat there for a few minutes letting it see what it was going to do. It was just a light rain and I was just about to get out and hop on.... when a giant boom of thunder and lightning hit. Yeah... guess not. So... we pulled out and as we hit the road, the rain came down pouring!!! It was so heavy I could only go 25 mph. And there were sheets of rain in waves being blown across the road. Branches were coming down and the wind was blowing the traffic lights so far sideways you couldn't tel what color it was. It was scary! 

We made it home and the trailer was soaked. I ran him into the barn and got him and Fleck all settled. There were branches down and standing water everywhere. Ugh... And of course, as soon as they were all settled... the rain stopped. 

Ugh... oh well. 

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